A Space of Our Own

AWFY had a nine-year relationship with Joe Slovo Primary School and used classrooms there as our main site. In December, 2016, we were forced to vacate due to a protest we staged targeting the Eastern Cape Department of Education. Our students and their parents are increasingly upset about the state of education in PE. We ran an abbreviated program for a month before pairing with another non-profit organization nearby Joe Slovo Primary School. We have been meeting with architects to build our own site in Joe Slovo Township and have already acquired land from the Joe Slovo Communal Property Association, and have been granted a 99 year lease.

We have a plan to build a site in three phases.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.43.57 PM

Phase I of our plans is meant to replace the space we lost at Joe Slovo School. It will include three classrooms, a library, bathrooms, a full kitchen, a conversation pit, and a medical care facility.

Phase II is a large auditorium and a space that will be dedicated for our story exchange work with an organization called Narrative 4 (N4.)

Phase III is a school that I plan to open in four years’ time. A small private school with a sliding scale. It will be a co-op of sorts: Those parents who cannot pay will work within our site as cooks, gardeners, receptionists, etc.

It is our hope that the school will become a feeder into academic institutions that our schools do not now have access to, due to the state of schools in Port Elizabeth.

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