Yamkela Vayo

Yamkela has been with ArtWorks for Youth since 2015 and is currently an 8th grader. While he joined ArtWorks for Youth become a better writer, Yamkela has improved at so much more. From day one, Yamkela was sharing personal stories of struggle and growth with other students. This willingness to share earned him a spot at the summit of one of ArtWorks for Youth’s partnering non profits, Narrative 4, which is an international story exchange program.

In 2017, Yamkela travelled to Ireland to take part in Narrative 4’s annual summit. He was then invited back for the 2018 N4 Summit in New Orleans in June.

Yamkela is also a strong visual artist, avid reader, and dancer. He shares all his gifts during ArtWorks for Youth events. This is one student to watch in the future, as he will surely continue to grow in many ways and make an impact in our program and the world.