Safe Passages

Port Elizabeth’s Northern Areas includes several neighborhoods just west of Joe Slovo, where most of ArtWorks for Youth’s programs are held. While there are many good things happening in the Northern Areas, there is also violence and a large gang population.

A non profit organization linked with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (MNNU,) a local university received a grant for the creation of what they call “Safe Passages,” which are paths between children’s homes and schools, which include public art.

ArtWorks for Youth teachers were asked to be a part of the initial stage of the project, by working with children and adults to help shape the art for the passages.

The week before, students and parents wrote poems about making the Northern Areas safer. ArtWorks for Youth’s task was to assist a group of 20 to illustrate their poems and other thoughts. At a later stage, the drawings will be used to create ceramic tiles that will make up parts of the Safe Passages. Here are some photos from the daylong workshop.